Aoibhinn & Anthonie

Aoibhinn + Anthonie // Cinematic Film // Lough Erne Resort

This wedding we shot nearly 2 years ago now with Aoibhinn & Anthonie and it is one of our all time favourites.

On the day Aoibhinn stayed in one of the on site ”cottages” at the Lough Erne Resort and it was beautiful, such a nice view accompanied by a nice family atmosphere to start your day off. Anthonie is English and & Aoibhinn Irish so for Anthonies family it was extra special to see the irish hospitality in full swing in the bridal prep.

Whenever Aoibhinn got in her dress she just dripped class and was so comfortable in front of the camera, it made for beautiful imagery.

Then the little ceremony location quite close to the Lough Erne (can’t remember the name) was stunning, the grounds were immaculate and the lighting inside was ”just right” with the natural light coming in through the windows.

Anthonie was also very comfortable in front of the camera (we think they may have been watching YouTube tutorials on how to get amazing photographs because they were too good).

After the ceremony we walked the grounds of the lough erne capturing the beautiful memories they were sharing together, the day had nice overcast warm weather so we were blessed with that soft glow to the skin.

They had such chemistry together, sharing intimate moments with-out us having to say a word.

We will let the video do the rest of the talking now because we love it.

– Wee Dove Wedding Films